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    CYNEW gives you a brief introduction to the early mechanical engineering of the conveyor belt cleaner industry!

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          In the early mechanical engineering of the conveyor cleaner industry, any industry has evolved from the traditional industry. Since the 18th century, the constant birth of new theories and the development of mathematical methods have made the accuracy of design calculations constantly improved. In the 20th century, various experimental stress analysis methods appeared, and people have been able to experimentally measure the stresses of various parts of the model and the physical object.

         In the second half of the 20th century, the finite element method and the wide application of electronic computers made it possible to analyze and calculate the forces, moments, stresses, etc. of complex machinery and its parts and components. For machines or components that have sufficient practical or experimental data, statistical techniques can be used to mechanically design mechanically in accordance with the required reliability.

         The working object of mechanical engineering is dynamic machinery, and its working conditions will change greatly. This change is sometimes random and unpredictable; the material used in practice is not completely uniform, there may be various defects; the machining accuracy has a certain deviation, and so on. Compared with civil engineering with static structure as the working object, various problems in mechanical engineering are more difficult to solve with theoretical precision.


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    The early mechanical engineering of the conveyor cleaner industry, therefore, early mechanical engineering only used simple theoretical concepts, combined with practical experience. The design calculation relies on empirical formulas; in order to ensure safety, it is conservative. As a result, the machine is cumbersome and bulky, high in cost, low in productivity, and consumes a lot of energy.

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