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    Directly hit 2018BUMA Construction Machinery Exhibition

    Source: Time:2019-01-11 08:23:41 瀏覽次數:

            Bauma CHINA 2018 (Shanghai BMW Engineering Machinery Exhibition) officially kicked off on November 27, 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As an extension of the world-renowned construction machinery exhibition BAUMA in Germany, BAUMA CHINA has become the stage for the global engineering machinery enterprise competition. The exhibition area of the BMW exhibition hall exceeds 300,000 square meters, attracting more than 3,300 well-known enterprises from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, covering construction machinery, mining raw material extraction and processing equipment, building materials machinery, accessory parts and service providers, etc., BMW Exhibition It has become a major industry event in the construction machinery and building materials machinery industry in Asia.
            SANY is still the largest exhibitor at this exhibition. In this year's exhibition, Sany Group launched a number of “unmanned” black technology products under the theme of “Digital Trinity ? Smart Future”, and also brought the popular “Internet Truck” Sany Heavy Truck, which became the exhibition. A beautiful scenery.



          With the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing, Building a Better World”, Zoomlion has brought its 8 series of 28 4.0 star products to the grand debut. It is understood that these products cover excavation machinery, engineering lifting machinery, construction cranes, concrete machinery. 8 categories, dry mixing machinery, high-altitude machinery, pile-driving machinery, road machinery, etc., are the fine products of Zoomlion's "Product 4.0" project.

           Xugong Automobile exhibited a number of electric vehicles and intelligent unmanned engineering dump trucks at the 2018 Shanghai BMW Construction Machinery Exhibition. The picture shows the XCMG XG90H intelligent unmanned engineering dump truck.

           The South Road machine brings cement concrete mixing, asphalt mixing, dry mixing mortar mixing, crushing and screening, shaping sand making, solid waste recycling and processing six series of nearly 30 new products and new technologies to participate in this BMW exhibition.

           As the world's top 50 engineering machinery and underground engineering equipment experts, Shanhe Intelligent will also be shocked again, 2000 square meters booth, focusing on five major categories of engineering machinery products such as underground engineering equipment, excavators, loaders, rock drilling equipment and lifting equipment. .

          Dongguan Changyi New Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and application of wear-resistant, temperature-resistant and chemical-resistant rubber and plastic materials. In 2009, we began to produce belt conveyor belt cleaners, polyurethane scrapers and various polyurethane wear-resistant engineering accessories. The products are sold to more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, and have good applications in concrete mixing stations (Sany, South Road, China Railway, etc.), cement mines, garbage stations and power mineral smelting. The company has consistently adhered to the "quality first" principle, in the raw materials procurement, scientific formula and production and other processes have been strictly controlled, and strive to use high-quality products to impress end users. We treat each and every friend with the most sincere enthusiasm, and provide each customer with the best quality products. We warmly look forward to the cooperation of friends from all walks of life. Financing hotline: 400-833-9008/13925775994/0769-83001256.