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    Application of polyurethane elastomer in belt conveyor industry

    Source: Time:2019-03-29 22:13:41 瀏覽次數:

    The variety of raw materials of polyurethane and the adjustability of molecular structure, although also polyurethane elastic products, its wear resistance, elasticity and tear strength can be very different.


    Polyurethane elastomer

          With the deepening of the discussion of polyurethane, the application of polyurethane has become more and more extensive, and more and more industries and enterprises have begun to use polyurethane elastomers. Polyurethane, also known as urethane rubber, refers to a class of elastic polymers whose primary bond contains more urethane groups. It is a new type of polymer synthetic material between rubber and plastic. It has It still has high elasticity under high hardness and has excellent wear resistance, high load bearing capacity, high tear strength and excellent low temperature resistance, oil resistance and ozone resistance.


    Belt cleaner
          The use of belt cleaners in foreign countries is relatively common, but with the development of the domestic economy, the rise of human capital and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, domestic companies have begun to pay attention to the cleaning of industrial conveyor belts. ,

          Many companies initially use ordinary rubber sheets. The combination of the scraper and the belt is small, which makes the cleaning effect generally good. It can't clean the residual materials of the belt well, and it is not wear-resistant. It needs to be replaced frequently to become the conveyor belt. The industry is a headache.


    Belt conveyors

          The belt conveyor is mainly used for conveying bulk and loose granular materials, and can be widely used in chemical, coal, port, power station, metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industries.


    In fact, metal mines, coal mines, cement plants, etc. have high demand for high wear resistance, high elasticity and high strength non-metal materials. Polyurethane elastomers have these excellent properties, which are in line with metal mines, coal mines, cement plants and other industries. Non-metallic materials, therefore, polyurethane squeegees are superior to other materials and are used more and more widely in the belt conveyor industry.

          However, the variety of raw materials of polyurethane and the adjustability of molecular structure, although also polyurethane elastic products, its wear resistance, elasticity and tear strength can be very different.

    Polyurethane products produced by other domestic companies

    A penny is worth the goods, the raw materials are different, and the quality of the products is much worse.


          Dongguan Changyi New Materials Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development and application of wear-resistant, temperature-resistant and chemical-resistant materials. After discovering such problems, we have developed a multi-functional polymer polyurethane composite scraper based on many foreign cases. The steel mold is integrally formed with sulfur, the surface of the scraper is very smooth and smooth, no bubbles, high density, good wear resistance, and stable scraping effect. Changyi has been producing and selling polyurethane scrapers/cleaners for ten years. Our products have been used in batches and repeatedly purchased by many domestic units, and have been well received by customers.


         The demand for polyurethane cleaners in the domestic market is actually increasing year by year. As a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of polyurethane cleaners, Changyi has always been “high standard, strict requirements” for our product quality, so it has a very high level in the sweeper industry. Good word of mouth. For more information about polyurethane cleaners, please visit Changyi New Materials website http://www.jonnyssweetrevenge.com. If you have any relevant needs, please contact us, we will serve you in Dongguan Changyi, we will provide you with details. Material cleaning program, we also customize a variety of shaped polyurethane products, Tel: 400-8339-008/139 2577 5994