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    Application of changyi hollow plastic formwork in new rural construction

    Author:Changyi new material Source:http://www.jonnyssweetrevenge.com/news_148.html Time:2020-05-29 17:29:55 瀏覽次數:

    Application of changyi hollow plastic formwork in new rural construction
    The construction of a new socialist countryside is not only the practical need of carrying out the scientific outlook on development, but also an important channel to solve the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.To promote the construction of a new countryside in China, we must speed up the improvement of roads and other infrastructure and the planning and construction of houses in the new countryside. We must actively guide farmers to make their own investment and invest in construction, and promote new。technologies, new energy, new materials, new industries and products in the countryside, so as to promote the rapid development of the rural economy.

    Because of the new type of hollow plastic template is one of the new "four new" technology products (four new refers to the new material, new technology, new equipment, new product features and operation procedures), so a new type of hollow plastic template has become wooden and bamboo veneer of updated products, new type of hollow plastic template in an increasingly obvious role in engineering construction, for the new rural road infrastructure improvement and bring more benefits, housing construction and energy conservation, environmental protection, reduce costs, ensure engineering quality.

    Hollow plastic formwork is used to improve road surface and build a new countryside. First of all, it is necessary to improve rural living environment, improve public service facilities, improve the condition of rural roads and accelerate the construction of rural roads. Changyi hollow plastic formwork can be used with a variety of materials (such as wooden boards, wooden squares, etc.).No need for mold release agent, can be knocked off the mold, concrete does not adhere to the surface of the template, easy to clean;It can be sawed, planed, nailed, etc., and can freely form various geometric shapes to meet the needs of building supports of various shapes. Hollow plastic formwork is used in self-housing construction. The emergence of new technology, new technology and new materials improves the construction efficiency. On the one hand, it reduces the project cost and operation time.At the same time, in order to comply with national policies and regulations on energy conservation and emission reduction, many rural housing construction also began to use changyi hollow plastic templates. Changyi hollow plastic formwork splicing is compact and smooth, the surface finish of the concrete structure after stripping meets the technical requirements of the clean water formwork now, without the need for secondary plastering, thus saving labor and time;The most important thing is that changyi hollow plastic formwork has a lot of turnover times and is reused for more than 50 times. The waste board manufacturer pays for recovery, which greatly reduces the cost of construction materials.

    As a new type of building material, hollow plastic formwork is a green and environmentally-friendly building material supported by the state. It not only makes the construction site recognized by the government environmental protection unit in terms of environmental protection, but also greatly reduces the cost of building materials due to its high turnover rate. New rural construction is a long-term measure that benefits the country and the people.In 2020 the outbreak of the new champions league caused very big to our life, the influence of rural feeling has gradually abandoned, because more and more people through a variety of ways into the city, but the sudden outbreak have snatched a rural feeling, city is good, but in rural areas has its features and advantages of! We will step up efforts to build a new countryside, strengthen infrastructure and public service facilities in the new countryside, improve rural living conditions, improve the quality of life of farmers, narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, and truly build the countryside into a beautiful countryside where farmers live and work in peace and contentment.      Changyi new materials, we advise you to shop around is not for the product is not confident, but to uphold the customer responsible attitude, to help you buy cost-effective products and services.Real gold is not afraid of fire, have your trust, but also worry about the more excellent benefits?Changyi new material is always only a little more than the opponent, is a little more for the customer.If you are interested in or have any questions about our polyurethane sweeper scraper, changyi new material welcomes your consultation at 400-833-9008!You can also visit the changyi new materials website at http://www.jonnyssweetrevenge.com