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    On the turnover times of hollow plastic formwork

    Source: Time:2020-06-04 16:09:00 瀏覽次數:

    Hollow plastic formwork is a formwork with high turnover times, but high turnover times also have a service life.



            As hollow plastic formwork is known by more and more construction units, the "turnover times" of hollow plastic formwork have become a topic of great concern. Today, with comprehensive project fine management, if the hollow plastic formwork can really be revolved more than 50 times, this will undoubtedly directly reduce the engineering cost and create greater profit space for the project.

    Why is the turnover rate of hollow plastic formwork so high?

    The turnover of hollow plastic formwork is determined by the product characteristics of the hollow plastic formwork. The hollow plastic template is made of PP polypropylene. By adding toughening, reinforcement, weather resistance, anti-aging, flame retardant and other chemical additives to polypropylene, the performance of the hollow plastic template is more excellent, and it has chemical resistance. , Heat resistance, electrical insulation, high-strength mechanical properties and good high-abrasion processing performance.

    Hollow plastic formwork can be directly exposed to harsh weather conditions such as ultraviolet rays, humidity, heat and cold, and maintain its durable and stable physical properties. Its service life is dozens of times that of commonly used building forms, and the number of turnovers can reach more than 50 times. It is 5 times the best bamboo plywood and 10 times more than wood plywood.

    Demoulding effect drawing of hollow plastic formwork produced by our company

           For the material department of the construction enterprise, the building template is a very easy-to-wear material, and it can often be seen that the material transportation vehicle and the vehicle transport the wooden template to the construction site, and then after 5-8 unequal turnover times, these wooden The formwork is mixed with heavy cement, piled up on the construction site like a mountain, waiting for transfer or scrap disposal.

    How to effectively reflect the high turnover of hollow plastic plates?

          As a new building template, the normal turnover of hollow plastic formwork is 50 times. However, due to the wide area of the construction site and the large number of operators, the management difficulty is indeed very large. In addition, the project characteristics of each project and the social atmosphere of each place are not the same, so the on-site management of the template can not be summarized in a unified language . The following suggestions are for reference only:

           1. The use of formwork can be equipped with plates in advance, such as column beams with the same size, which can be cut or pre-assembled uniformly. This will not only minimize the loss of scrap during the formwork processing, but also improve work efficiency.

    Our company cuts uniformly according to the size required by the customer

    2. It is strictly forbidden to cut and saw the whole new template without authorization, because once the hollow plastic template is cut, its high turnover product characteristics cannot be fully reflected. We often see hollow plastic formwork being sawed into small pieces of no practical value at the scene, or half-brand new hollow plastic formwork is not useful, which will undoubtedly bring huge economic losses to the project. Of course, when it is really necessary to cut the hollow plastic template, you can apply to the relevant personnel, and implement the cutting saw after the relevant personnel approve the loss plan.

    The hollow plastic formwork is sawn into small pieces and cannot be used over and over again.

    3. Strengthen the use and management of hollow plastic formwork by the on-site labor construction team to prevent random piles and brutal construction; when the formwork is removed, it cannot be thrown away at will to avoid impact deformation/damage; if there is a little cement residue after the formwork is demoulded, The template can be tapped to let the cement fall off naturally; if there are iron nails left on the template after use, the nails should be removed in time; after the project is completed, all the templates should be neatly arranged according to the specifications, and the transportation can be transferred after the completion of the inventory Other construction sites.


          Hollow plastic formwork is a formwork with high turnover times, but high turnover times also have a service life. The use of hollow plastic formwork reaches a certain number of times, it must be scrapped. Because of the material characteristics of polypropylene itself, our Plastic Xinwang Factory makes valuable recovery of all the waste and broken templates produced by our factory to achieve the purpose of recycling PP polypropylene, which saves natural resources and reduces environmental pollution .


            Is it cost-effective to choose a hollow plastic template? It may still require comprehensive consideration and evaluation by the construction companies. The hollow plastic formwork itself does have some excellent characteristics. It saves the builders "silver" and the silver will also shine. For the construction unit, only the most cost-effective option is selected And practical and feasible building materials products can achieve a double harvest of construction engineering construction effects and economic benefits!



    For more information about hollow plastic formwork, you can follow WeChat public account "plastic formwork", or directly contact 400-8339-008, 139 2577 5994! Dongguan Changyi New Materials Co., Ltd. always adheres to the tenet of "quality first, integrity-based, win-win cooperation, all customer-centric", continuously improve products to meet customer needs, wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to visit and guide, Negotiate business!