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    The reason why the scraper of cleaner adopts polyurethane material

    Author:Changyi new material Source:http://www.jonnyssweetrevenge.com/news_148.html Time:2020-06-05 09:17:08 瀏覽次數:

    Polyurethane, full name is polyurethane.It's a polymer.Polyurethane plastics, polyurethane fibers, polyurethane rubber and polyurethane elastomers can be made from polyurethane materials.Dongguan Changyi production of polyurethane scraper belongs to polyurethane elastomer.Why is the sweeper scraper made of polyurethane?

    On the one hand, the polyurethane material is adopted because the elastomer has no side effects on the belt and plays a very good protective role on the belt without damaging the surface of the belt.On the other hand, using polyurethane elastomer to produce the scraper, the scraper can be produced with good toughness, wear resistance, oil resistance and other advantages.The polyurethane scraper has the characteristics of high elasticity of rubber.Polyurethane scraper adopts polyurethane material, scraper surface is flat, good straightness, low friction, high abrasion resistance, high strength, has a stable effect of polyurethane scraper.

    Properties of polyurethane scraper: 1. Wide hardness range.It has the rubber elongation and resilience under high hardness. 2. High intensity.Polyurethane sweeper spatulas have much higher tensile strength and bearing capacity than general rubber under rubber hardness, and their impact strength and bending strength are much higher than plastic under high hardness.It has the high elasticity of rubber and plastic rigidity. 3. The oil resistant.Polyurethane elastomer is a kind of strong polar polymer with low affinity with non-polar mineral oil, which is almost impermeable to erosion in fuel oil and mechanical oil. 4. Radiation resistance.The scraper of polyurethane sweeper is very resistant to high-energy rays.Therefore, the polyurethane sweeper plate made of polyurethane material has good tensile strength, tear strength, impact resistance, high abrasion resistance, oil resistance and other advantages. Changyi New materials, we advise you to compare prices is not not confident of the product, but adhering to the attitude of customer responsibility, to help you buy cost-effective products and services.True gold does not fear the test of fire. With your trust, do you still worry about seeing better benefits?Changyi new materials will always only more than the opponent, is to consider a point for customers.If you are interested or confused about our polyurethane sweeper scraper, Changyi New Material welcome to consult, contact: 400-833-9008!