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    What are the characteristics and USES of different plastic plates

    Author:Changyi new material Source:http://www.jonnyssweetrevenge.com/news_148.html Time:2020-06-06 11:52:15 瀏覽次數:

    塑料板材的種類有哪些 不同塑料板材的特點與用途
    Plastic board, as the name suggests is made of plastic sheet.Plastic is a synthetic polymer that can be changed freely.Plastic is the material that USES monomer raw material to become with synthesis or condensation reaction polymerization, wait for additive composition by synthetic resin and filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, lubricious material, its main component is synthetic resin.

    Plastic sheet can be divided into two types of thermosetting and thermal plasticity, the former can not be reshaped for use, the latter can be repeated production.The structure of plastic board macromolecule basically has two kinds: the first kind is linear structure, the second kind is bodily form structure.Two different structures, showing two opposite properties.Due to the existence of independent molecules, linear structure polymers have the characteristics of elasticity, plasticity, solubility in solvents, melting in heating, less hardness and brittleness.Due to the absence of independent macromolecules, body structure polymers have no elasticity and plasticity, can not dissolve and melt, can only swell, hardness and brittleness.Therefore, the linear polymer is made of thermoplastic plastic board, the body polymer is made of thermosetting plastic board. Type of plastic board: 1. Plastic metal Composite Board: A new material combining plastic and metal features - "metallic plastic" recently developed by Chinese scientists.Experts say "metallic plastics" have important application value and research in many fields, can be used as nanometer and micro-processing and various excellent materials, could make auto parts as cheap as plastics in the future.Its shape is wavy and is often used as roofing and clapboard.It mainly includes the waveform and arc form of trapezoidal section. 2. Rigid PVC building boards: Rigid PVC extrusion tables Imported from Austria, Cincinnati Meera Crown Company owns the world's advanced flat CM80 conical twin-screw extrusion line.The first-class product quality, the general color is gray and white, also can according to the customer needs color PVC hardboard, the color is bright, beautiful generous.Its shape belongs to the opposite type of plate, also known as wave laminated plate or side plate, mainly used for ceiling and wall plate. 3, polypropylene plastic board: also known as PP plastic board, with higher strength and good anti-corrosion performance, can withstand high temperature environment, impact resistance.It can be filled, toughened, flame retardant, modification and other processing.This kind of plastic board is processed through extrusion, pressing, cooling, cutting and other processes.It has the advantages of uniform thickness, smooth level, strong insulation and so on.It can be used in chemical anticorrosion equipment, ventilation ducts, electrical appliances, electronics, building materials and other fields, with the operating temperature up to 100 degrees. 4, polyethylene plastic board: also called PE plastic board, raw material color is white, but also according to the user needs to change its color, such as red, blue and so on. With good chemical stability, excellent insulation performance, can resist most of the acid and alkali corrosion, low density, good toughness and easy to stretch, easy to welding processing, non-toxic harmless.Application range: water pipeline, medical devices, cutting board, sliding profile, etc. 5, ABS plastic board: the color is mostly beige and white, high impact strength, good heat resistance, high surface finish, easy to secondary processing.Widely used in home appliances, electronics, packaging, medical equipment and other fields, ABS embossed plate is beautiful and generous characteristics, mainly used in the production of automotive interior and door panels.ABS extrusion sheet has beautiful color, good comprehensive performance, good thermoplastic ability and high impact strength.Widely used in fire prevention board, wall board, chassis board production, flame retardant, embossing, frosting and other processing methods.

    USES of different plastic sheets: 1. ABS plastic board: food industrial parts, building model, hand board making, phase electronics industrial parts, refrigerator refrigeration industry, electronics and electrical field, pharmaceutical industry, etc. 2, PE plastic board: medical appliance parts, seals, cutting board, sliding profile, widely used in chemical, mechanical, chemical, electric power, clothing, packaging, food and other industries.It is widely used in gas transportation, water supply, sewage disposal, agricultural irrigation, mine fine particle and solid transportation, oil field, chemical industry, post and telecommunication and other fields, especially in gas transportation. 3, PVC plastic board: the product is excellent thermoformed plastic, can replace part of the stainless steel and other corrosion resistant synthetic materials.Widely used in chemical, petroleum, electroplating, water purification and treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment, mining, medicine, electronics, communications and decoration industries.
    Plastic sheet specification: 1. The original specification of plastic board is (1600--1950)×(800--950)×50mm. According to the needs of users, 5-50mm plates of different thickness can be produced at will. Plastic board features: 1, plastic board is characterized by high chemical stability, chemical erosion resistance, good sanitary performance, high heat resistance, good physical and mechanical performance, cheap, most of the good insulator, light weight and strong, processing easy to mass production, with luster, part transparent or translucent.Plastic board is widely used, effective, easy to color, part of high temperature resistance, storage of goods can play the effect of moistureproof.Plastic board is also divided into general use plastic and engineering plastic, general use plastic price is cheap, engineering plastic price is more expensive, but the stability of raw materials and physical properties are much better, generally speaking at the same time with rigidity and toughness two kinds of characteristics. Plastic board acceptance, in the process of construction, plastic board acceptance from the following aspects to check the construction quality: 1. The varieties, specifications, colors, grades and paving of the plastic plates and rolls used for the plastic surface layer shall meet the design requirements and the provisions of the current national standards, as well as the customer's requirements.Observe and inspect the material qualification documents and test report. 2. The bond between the surface layer and the next layer shall be firm, and the binder shall conform to the provisions of Article 6.6.3. Surface level, smooth, no wrinkles, no warping, no bubble, no degumming, no overflow.Observation and inspection with small hammer percussion and measurement inspection. Note: the area of local degumming of the coil shall not be greater than 20cm2, and the spacing shall be not less than 500mm, and the area of local degumming of the edges and corners of a single plate and each natural interval (standard interval) shall not exceed 5% of the total amount. 3, plastic surface layer should be clean, clear design, consistent color, joints, beautiful, straight sides.The patterns and patterns at the joint are identical without any glue marks; It is closely connected with the wall, and the Angle of Yin and Yang is square.Observation and examination. 4. The plate welding and welding seam shall be smooth and clean, without coking discoloration, spots, welding nodules, scaling and other defects, and the allowable deviation of the concave and convex shall be ±0.6mm.The tensile strength of the weld shall not be less than 75% of the strength of the plastic sheet.Observe the inspection and check the test report. 5, the edge of the material should be accurate size, neat corners, tight seam, straight seam, and the joint of the pipe should be tight, firm, flat.Using steel ruler and observation inspection. 6. The skirting board is closely connected with the plastic board. The skirting board is straight along the edge, with the total height difference of no more than ±3mm.
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