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    Features of fair-faced concrete form

    Author:Changyi new material Source:http://www.jonnyssweetrevenge.com/news_148.html Time:2020-06-06 15:31:00 瀏覽次數:

    In essence, both fair-faced concrete and ordinary concrete are a kind of building structure or building materials. The difference lies in that after the fair-faced concrete is removed, it does not undergo any modification, but shows itself as the material itself.And common concrete is in after demodulation, still need to undertake with cement mortar two plaster, or blow be bored with child ash, go up coating, add hang board, stick stone material or wall paper to wait a moment, the surface needs to use rough decorate a practice or fine decorate a practice, form beautiful effect.

    Ordinary concrete pouring construction, relatively random, it does not pay attention to the formwork joint, screw hole location, etc., after the removal of the concrete structure quality has some common problems, such as honeycomb, hemp, holes and expanded mold leakage, etc., but these defects can be covered and made up by post-processing; Clear water template is an excellent building template, and the difference between the ordinary template is, first of all, clear water template on the template and support the level of high requirements.The formwork of fair-faced concrete must be designed and processed strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of fair-faced concrete and can meet the quality requirements of fair-faced concrete and the surface decoration effect. Features of fair-faced concrete form 1. Light weight: more suitable for high-rise building and bridge construction; 2. Large format: the large format is 2440×1220mm, reducing the number of joints and improving the working efficiency of supporting die; 3. No warping, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance, no glue for 24 hours;Good strength performance, high turnover, long service life; 4, easy stripping, only 1/7 of the steel mold; 5. Make clear concrete: the surface of pouring objects is smooth and beautiful, minus the secondary plastering process of walls, it can be directly coated for decoration, reducing the construction period by 30%; 6, corrosion resistance: do not pollute the surface of concrete; 7. Good thermal insulation performance, conducive to winter construction; 8. It can be used as a template for bending plane; 9. Good construction performance, such as nails, saws and drilling holes, better than bamboo plywood and small steel dies.Can be processed into various shapes of formwork according to the construction needs;

    For more information about hollow plastic templates, please visit the WeChat official account "plastic templates".Dongguan Mayor Yixin Materials Co., Ltd. always adhere to the "quality first, integrity-based, win-win cooperation, customer-oriented" purpose, and continue to improve products to meet the needs of customers, wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to visit the guidance, business negotiations!Telephone: 400-8339-008, 139 2577 5994!

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