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    Why is PP hollow plastic template better than PVC template? What's so good about it?

    Source:東莞市長益新材料有限公司 Time:2020-11-19 08:46:16 瀏覽次數:

    Why is PP hollow plastic template better than PVC template? What's so good about it?

        Why is PP hollow plastic template better than PVC template? What's so good about it?

       1. material advantages:  

       PVC texture is hard and brittle, the board surface is too slippery to nail, and it is easy to crack when nailed into the board surface; If workers throw about during construction, the board will break easily.


       PP board has good toughness, wear resistance and fall resistance. It will not break or deform when thrown at an altitude of 10 meters. It is not afraid of workers' violent construction, and even the used corner wastes are in good condition. Good nail-eating force and nail-holding force, 5mm nail on the edge of the board does not crack, and it is cut at will (the picture below shows PP board waste on the construction site)

        2. Water absorption and weatherability
        PVC is easy to be layered and deformed when it meets water, and its aging resistance is poor; The PP board is waterproof, sun-resistant and not deformed, and the waste board is still in good shape
    (comparison drawing of waste boards)

         3. Weight   

        PVC formwork: 13kg/㎡   

        PP hollow slab: 8kg/㎡, lighter weight, more convenient and labor-saving for workers to carry and improve construction efficiency

         4. Turnover times  

        PVC can be used for about 15 times under the condition of good maintenance;   

        The PP board can be used normally for 50 times, and one set of board can meet the turnover needs of the whole project, even multiple projects can be used.

        5. Recycling value:   

        PVC board: it is seldom recycled by manufacturers, and most of the used waste boards are treated as waste products at a low price. PP hollow plastic template, waste still has high recycling value; You can also choose to replace the waste board with a new one. Dongguan Changyi New Material Co., Ltd., recycling waste bags, is not only environmentally friendly, but also can help your project save at least 50% of the template cost!   

        To learn more about hollow plastic template, you can pay attention to WeChat WeChat official account "Plastic Template". Dongguan Changyi New Material Co., Ltd. always adheres to the tenet of "quality first, honesty first, win-win cooperation, and all customer-centered", continuously improves products to meet customer needs, and sincerely welcomes new and old customers to visit and negotiate business! Tel: 0596-3295 888, 139 5014 2388; 400-8339-008,139 2577 5994!


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